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Watch our 'How To' videos to get a better understanding of how to manage and operate your Bluetooth light bulbs.

Bluetooth Extended Range up to 50 feet

Control these bulbs
with your smart device

HomeBrite® allows you to have your light switches in the palm of your hand. Works from anywhere in and around your home. HomeBrite® App is available on Apple App Store℠ and Google Play™ store.

Features that light up a room

Where to buy

HomeBrite® light bulbs are available for purchase at the following online retailers. Select a retailer below to order.


What is HomeBrite?

HomeBrite® is currently the only Bluetooth Smart Mesh light bulb available. Utilizing Bluetooth Smart Mesh gives the ability to control bulbs from long distances because each bulb communicates with other bulbs in your Bluetooth Smart Mesh. It’s low-power and energy saving by using the latest in Bluetooth and LED technology.

How Do I Connect?

Download the HomeBrite® App made for Apple IOS (direct link apple store) or Android device (direct link Google Play). Install HomeBrite® lights (your lights will blink when they are readyto connect). Open the HomeBrite® app, choose secure pin key and app will begin to pair with your new HomeBrtie bulbs. No hub, remote, gateway, wifi, or cellular signal required!

Can I Personlize My HomeBrite® App?

Every user can personalize their HomeBrite® App. You can rename your bulbs, choose Groups and Scenes, set Timers and Schedules, and even add pictures and personalized icons to remind you of your specific rooms and light.

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