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Answers About Energy Star Replacement Light Bulbs & Led Bulbs For Home Use

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Learning about light bulbs

There are many things to consider about light bulbs than just screwing them in and turning on the switch. We are here to help you match the application with the best possible bulb. This section will help you understand from how light bulbs are measured to recycling. Here are some sections that will help you understand light bulbs a little better. Codes are designed to categorize bulbs using letters. For example, your standard household bulb is considered an A-Shape bulb and those round bulbs you have in the bathroom and vanity are categorized as G or Globes. The Color Temperature section will give you a better understanding on how different color temperatures give you different color lights from 2700K to 6500K. Bulb Types give you an overview on all different types of bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescents (CFLs) and even our new LED light bulbs for home and businesses. There are also sections that will help you select the correct base and dimmers for our dimmable CFLs and LEDs.

Recycling is an important part in our world today and by recycling we could reduce waste. There are many programs setup to recycle CFLs and packaging. Browse through our recycling section to see how you could do your part to help the environment. Feit Electric has strived to make our ECOBULB® Plus bulbs as earth friendly as possible. A majority of our ECOBULB® Plus bulbs are ENERGY STAR® light bulb approved, which assures you are getting an efficient light bulb. These are great alternatives as replacement light bulbs over inefficient incandescent bulbs.