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Lighting 101

How to shop for light bulbs 2
How to shop for light bulbs 1

How will the new Federal Legislation affect light bulbs?

In the next couple of years many incandescent and linear fluorescent bulbs will be phased out or replaced with more efficient versions. Phasing out of A-Shape incandescent will begin with the 100-watt in 2012, 75-watt in 2013 and ending with the 40 and 60-watt in 2014. (95-watt in 2011, 71-watt in 2012 and 38-watt and 57-watt in 2013 in California.)

Lumens, a new way of looking at light

The other part of new legislation being implemented in January of 2012 is the labeling of lighting products. Consumers will be asked to look for the Brightness (Lumens) not Energy (Watts), more lumens equals more light. So instead of looking for WATTAGE you will be asked to look for LUMENS. Why is this important? This is important because what difference does it make what wattage the bulb is if you are getting the same lumens. For example a 100 watt incandescent produces around 1600 lumens using 100 watts of energy, a CFL uses 23 watts of energy that produces the same amount of lumens. The CFL is more efficient than the incandescent or gives you greater Lumens perWatt (LPW).

Keep in mind that you have other alternatives to those bulbs that are being phased out. Feit Electric has a full assortment of direct replacements for affected bulbs, which are more energy efficient and have lower operating cost while producing the same light. These bulbs include our ECOBULB® PLUS CFLs, Accent LEDs, Performance LEDs and Energy Saver Halogen.