Amanda’s Picks

My name is Amanda Hendrix, and I live in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, with my husband and our two sons. We live in a builder-basic, new construction home that we have been pouring our hearts and souls into upgrading, so it feels more “us”! 


I love renovating, DIYing, and tweaking things around my home, and I love sharing the process with my readers. I’m a big believer that anyone can make their home beautiful; you just have to have a bit of (unearned) confidence and a willingness to make mistakes! I share all of my DIY wins, mishaps, and everything in-between on my blog, Love & Renovations, and Instagram. 


When I’m not working on my home, you can find me running (I’m almost always training for a race!), reading books, or snuggled up with my family watching movies.

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