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Supply Chain Specialist

General Position Summary:
Assist the supply chain team with production planning, optimal buy, to ensure domestic safety stock level. Must be motivated and result-driven with a proven track record in reducing costs and keeping optimum inventory levels. Improving forecast accuracy and process flow. Coordinate internal resources to provide best-in-class service and support to our customers.


  • Assist with overall demand and supply planning for 5000+ SKUs based on the sales velocity, forecast, and lead time.
  • Understand import procedure and timeline to ensure overall production pipeline and maintain optimal safety stock.
  • Proven record of understanding factory capacity planning for shipment prioritizing and expediting.
  • Work with sales accounts to analyze POS data from customer portals and perform advanced forecasting and demand planning.
  • Perform inventory management/allocation and production planning/logistics to multiple U.S warehouses.
  • Suggest new buys for replenishment purposes and maintain an overall sufficient pipeline.

Job Skills:

  • Exemplary follow up skills with overseas vendors.
  • A high degree of flexibility is necessary due to the varied customer base and market-driven changes.
  • Position involves dealing with complex business conditions due to the need for a complete knowledge of our product line, a thorough understanding of the business environment, and the need to provide the right solution to the customer.
  • This position is one of high visibility and the individual must be able to promote confidence and trust within the organization and vendor base.
  • Exhibit exceptional communication skills for in-between departmental updates and communications

Education and Experience:

  • A college degree is required.
  • Requires a minimum of five years related experience in an established Consumer Packaged Goods Company.
  • Strong replenishment experience.
  • Familiar with ocean freight, customs regulations, and logistics.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to work well in a team environment are essential.
  • Strong software skills (Excel required, Access and/or SQL a plus).
  • A commitment to total customer satisfaction is necessary.
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