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User Experience Design Specialist

Feit Electric a leading innovator in energy-efficient lighting and smart home products, seeks a pioneering User Experience (UX) Design professional ready to spearhead a new important role in our company. Their mission will be for every customer’s experience with our brand and products to be delightful and effortless.

    Employing unique skills and knowledge, they will influence our products’ holistic experience, including the packaging, unboxing, user materials, app interface, set up process, and all support content while being a tireless advocate for user needs. Success will be achieved when anyone, no matter how tech-savvy, can easily set up and enjoy their Feit Electric product without needing to call tech support.

      By mining all the data available they will proactively identify potential problems and work toward user experience solutions to reduce pain points and support calls. They will conduct ongoing competitive audits and keep on top of best-in-class techniques working to continually improve user experience across all our product lines with a special focus on smart and connected product lines.

        Requires strong communication skills and the ability to effectively work with multiple groups, including Graphic Design, Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Quality, and Customer Care to create and deliver fantastic user experiences across multiple touchpoints.


          Specific Responsibilities Include:

        • Lead projects to achieve superior user experiences during setup, and use.
        • Drive UX solutions that endlessly advocate for the customer and ensure their voices are heard.
        • Improve customer metrics and the usability of devices.
        • Present to business, product design, and executive-level leadership recommendations using market analysis, metrics, behavioral data, customer feedback, and usability findings to support their work.
        • Lead user research, competitive evaluation, and usability testing.
        • Achieve experiences that are easy, enjoyable, and consistent across packaging, manuals, products, software, and support.
        • Evangelize the benefits of good usability and user experience within the organization.
        • Understand the marketplace, competition, industry, etc. to ensure Feit Electric UX is best in class.

        Essential Skills, Education, and Experience

      • At least 4 years of experience in user-centered design, demonstrable via a portfolio of products and deliverables.
      • Preferred Bachelor’s degree in relevant or related field (Interaction Design, Psychology, Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, etc.).
      • Preference for experience working with smart home, consumer electronics, and app-centric products.
      • Strong conceptualization skills with deep attention to detail and the demonstrated ability to convey the intricacies of the desired experience to multiple audiences.
      • Intuitive understanding of and empathy for everyday users: their motivations, goals, and abilities.
      • Proven capability designing unboxing and set up experiences that deliver superior customer satisfaction.
      • Demonstrated ability to recast a problem to arrive at an elegant and innovative solution, then convey that solution tangibly.
      • Experience operating within product development processes, especially in consumer electronics, mobile, packaged software, or complex systems.
      • Experience participating in user research and usability testing for individual projects.
      • A portfolio demonstrating mastery in effective user-centered design solutions.
      • Ability to work with and influence cross-functional teams for results.
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