Pick the right bulb for your dimmer. Here’s a helpful lamp / dimmer switch compatibility guide.

LED Recessed Downlights

Performance LEDs:
LEDR56/827/MP, LEDR4HO/850, LEDR4HO/830, LEDR56HO/850, LEDR56ADJ/830, LEDR56HO/830, LEDR56/830, LEDR4/850/CAN, LEDR4/830, LEDR4/827, LEDR56/827, LEDR4/3K, LEDR56/3K, LEDR56/5K/CAN & LEDR4ADJ/830, LEDR4/850/CAN, LEDR56/850/CAN, LEDR4/830/CAN, LEDR56/830/CAN, LEDR4/3K/CAN, LEDR4/5K/CAN, LEDR56/3K/CAN, LEDR56/650/827, LEDR56/927/MP, LEDR56/940/MP, LEDR4/827/MED/2, LEDR4/827/MED, LEDR56/827/MED/2, LEDR56/827/MED,  LEDR56/827/MP, LEDR4HO/850, LEDR4HO/830, LEDR56HO/850, LEDR56ADJ/830, LEDR56HO/830, LEDR56/830, LEDR4/827, LEDR56/827, LEDR4/3K, LEDR56/3K, LEDR56/650/827, LEDR56/927/MP/6, LEDR4/927/MP/6, LEDG2R56ADJ/830, LEDG2R4ADJ/830, LEDG2R56HO/830, LEDG2R4HO/830, LEDR4SQ4/930, LEDG2R56HO/850, LEDRSQ4/930, LEDG2R4HO/850, LEDR3/830, LEDR56/927/MP/4, LEDR4ADJ/830, LEDR4/940/MP, LEDRSQ6/930.

CEC Certified LEDs:
LEDR4/4WYCA, LEDR4/927CA, LEDR4/927CA/MED, LEDR4/927CA/MED/2, LEDR4/930CA, LEDR4/950CA, LEDR4/950CA/MED/2,
LEDR4SCP/930CA/SP, LEDR56/4WYCA, LEDR56/927CA, LEDR56/927CA/MED, LEDR56/950CA, LEDR56/950CA_MED/2, LEDR56B/927CA/MP/6, LEDR56B/950CA/MP/6, LEDR56HO/927CA,
LEDR56HO/950CA, LEDR56SCP/930CA, LEDR56SCP/930CA/SP, LEDRSQ4/930CA, LEDRSQ6/930CA,  LEDR4/950CA, LEDR4B/950CA/MP/6,  LEDR4HO/950CA, LEDR4SCP/930CA,  LEDR56/4WYCA,  LEDR56/927CA, LEDR56/927CA/MED, LEDR56/927CA/MED/2,  LEDR56/930CA,  LEDR56/950CA/MED/2,  LEDR56B/927CA/MP/6,  LEDR56B/950CA/MP/6, LEDR56HO/927CA, LEDR56HO/930CA,  LEDR56SCP/930CA,  LEDR56SCP/930CA/SP,  LEDRSQ4/930CA,

Conserv-Energy LEDs:
884074 (CELEDRT4/927), 1057864 (CELEDRT56/850/927/2), 1200274 (CELEDR6/927/2) & 877982 (CELEDRT56/927)

Utilitech LEDs:

Dimmers by Brand:

Feit Electric: 72300, 72200, 72301 & 72302

Leviton: 6681-IW & 6683-IW, R62-06674-P0W, R12-06672-1LW, R50-IPL06-10M


Eaton: AAL06-C1

Feit Electric

The products shown on this website are exemplary of Feit Electric products available for sale. Performance characteristics are indicative of expected performance and are subject to revision. Not all products are available for sale or resale in all areas. In particular, products regulated by the California Energy Commission (the "CEC") that are non-compliant are not available for sale and resale in California. Please contact a Feit Electric sales representative for products available for sale and resale in your state or country.