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My name is Dena of Fletcher Creek Cottage, and I live on 65 acres of land, just outside our hometown, in a cottage that my family and I built from the ground up for seventy thousand dollars I am a hardcore DIYer/Blogger, and I spend most of my free time working on all kinds of DIY and renovation projects! 


My husband and I have renovated many homes together and have been designing and building for nearly 20 years. We love building and creating things together! Recently we broke ground on our DIY Dream Home, which we’re building ourselves, and have been having a lot of fun documenting the entire build process on YouTube and the Blog!  


When I’m not working on construction projects, you can find me outdoors, in my garden, or trying my hand at something else creative like interior design, sewing, refinishing furniture, or spending time with family and family! We’re excited for the upcoming year, and we can’t wait to see our dreams for our “Forever” home come to life!

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