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Can I Control Multiple Bulbs with Multiple Devices?

To share the bulb configuration between multiple devices, you will need to create an account first, then you can share the configuration.

One important key note is there is a limit to the number of apps that can run at once and it is equal to the number of bulbs set up. While you can have an infinite number of devices with access to the HomeBrite account, if there is only 1 HomeBrite bulb set up then only 1 app can run at a time. If the app is fully closed (force closed), then it will allow a different device access.

If there are 2 HomeBrite bulbs set up then 2 apps can run at once, 3 HomeBrite bulbs can have 3 apps running at once and so on. The proper way to close any app that controls hardware (in this case the HomeBrite bulb) is to force close the app. This will completely close the app and stopping all signals going out from the app. At the end of this email will also be the force close procedure, this is how any app can be closed on a smart-phone/tablet.

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