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How Do I Configure Scenes?

1) Go to ‘Groups’ from the top left main menu.

NOTE: Be sure you are in ‘Wheel View’ – a big wheel in the middle of the screen. If you are in ‘List View’, where it shows all your groups in a list, then press the top right context menu (the 3 dots) and select ’View as wheel’.

2) Select ‘Configure Scene’ (bottom of the screen).

This shows all light bulbs in that group. The power icon to the right needs to be green for the bulb to power on for that group, and the slider to the left is the dimmer.

3) Set the dimmer level for all bulbs within the Group.

4) Press ‘Save’ or ‘Done’ on the top right.

Once the configure scene has been set, every time this group is powered on either via the group or a schedule, it will always power on at the dim level set.

Written by Feit Electric
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