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How do I Delete a Bulb or Group?

Deleting a light bulb or group is the same procedure. To delete bulbs, make sure the app has light bulbs opened. To delete groups, make sure the app has groups opened.

1) Open the HomeBrite app.

2) Go to ‘Light Bulbs’ or ‘Groups’ from the top left ‘Main Menu.’

NOTE: Be sure the app is in wheel view. To toggle between wheel and list views use the top right ‘Context Menu’ (the 3 dots).

3) Swipe left and right to the desired bulb or group.

4) Press the top right ‘Context Menu’ and select ‘Delete Bulb’ or ‘Delete Group’.

This will remove the bulb or group from the app allowing it to be set up again. If deleting a group, the group will be deleted and all bulbs tied to that group will have the deleted group removed.

Note:  If this is the only HomeBrite bulb set up, you would not be able to delete the bulb, due to the app must be connected to a HomeBrite bulb to be opened. If you are looking to reset a single bulb that is the only one set up, you will only need to hard reset the bulb and reinstall the app.

Written by Feit Electric
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