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How Do I Group HomeBrite Light Bulb Products?

1) Open HomeBrite app.

2) Select ‘Light Bulbs’, (top left menu button).

NOTE: Be sure you are in ‘Wheel View’ – a big wheel in the middle of the screen. If you are in ‘List View’, where it shows all your groups in a list, then press the top right context menu (the 3 dots) and select ’View as wheel’.

3) ‘Add to Group’ (bottom of the screen).

4) Select ‘Create New Group’.

5) Select any of the preset groups already created, or make your own group. Tap the top line and enter a group name. (You can select more than 1 group if desired).

6) Select ‘Done’ (top right).

NOTE: Be sure the desired group or groups are highlighted before pressing ‘Done.’

A message ‘Saving to Groups’ will appear. It will save that light bulb to the group.

To change to next HomeBrite bulb in ‘Wheel View’ swipe the screen right and left.

Written by Feit Electric
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