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I’m Getting an Error Message During Initial Set up – No Bulbs or Bluetooth Found. Or scanning for mesh. What Can I Do?

This happens from time to time, here’s a couple of options to try:

1) Turn off the Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and restart it. While the phone or tablet is restarting, flip the light switch Off Then On as well to refresh the Bluetooth signal.

If restarting your device does not work, a hard reset should get the bulb(s) to connect. A hard reset will wipe out any information stored within the bulb.

2) Hard reset the bulb. This process will need to be performed on all HomeBrite bulbs. Before setting up the bulb after the reset, be sure the app is fresh (reinstall the app).

Hard Reset Process:

1) Start with the physical light switch turned off.

2) Power On bulb for 18 seconds from the wall switch

3) Power Off for 1-2 seconds. (Flip wall switch off then on again, you do not need to time this step.)

4) Power back On for 18 seconds. Perform this action 4 times in a row.

NOTE: Use a stop-watch or mobile device to count, if any of the 18 second cycles are skewed, the process must be restarted.

After the 4th set of 18 second power on, power off the switch then back on and now the bulb will be reset.

5) Open HomeBrite app, enter a PIN and confirm it. It can be the same or different PIN; the bulb, memory has been erased.  

NOTE: The Power On can take anywhere from 17-20 seconds. 18 seconds is only a suggestion.

Written by Feit Electric
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