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I’m Having Troubles Connecting My New Mobile Device to HomeBrite During Set Up. What Can I Do?

To gain access to the bulb(s) on a new device, there are 2 options:

1) If you still have access to the original device that set up the bulbs, create a HomeBrite account and save the bulb configuration. On your new device, log into your HomeBrite account, the app will automatically transfer all bulb settings (groupings, renames, schedules, etc.) to a new device.

To Create an Account:

1) Open the HomeBrite app.

2) Go to ‘Settings’ on the top left main menu.

3) Select the ‘Log-In.’

4) Select the blue ‘Register’ button.

5) Create the account with an active email and enter a password and confirm password.

6) Hit the blue ‘Register’ button

7) Verify account information within 7 days, an email will be sent to your account email address.

NOTE: The password must be a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters long, and is case-sensitive, but does not require a capital.

To Share the Configuration:

1) Open the HomeBrite app.

2) Go to ‘Settings’ on the top left main menu.

3) Press ‘Save Configuration’. a message will appear, “Configuration is saved to the Cloud.”

Your information is now stored on the Cloud and can be transferred to any other device.

When the app is opened on the new device, you will see an option at the bottom, ‘Login to restore existing settings.’ After selecting, enter your email and password. You will be prompted to restore settings from the Cloud, click ‘Yes’ and confirm.

2) If the original device is not available, then you will need to hard reset all HomeBrite bulbs. We recommend creating a HomeBrite account and save the bulb configuration. This way it will create a back-up of your settings and quickly gain access to the bulbs on multiple devices. Be sure the app is a fresh download prior to setting up the bulbs that were hard reset.

Hard Reset Process:

1) Start with the physical light switch turned off.

2) Power On bulb for 18 seconds from the wall switch

3) Power Off for 1-2 seconds. (Flip wall switch off then on again, you do not need to time this step.)

4) Power back On for 18 seconds. Perform this action 4 times in a row.

NOTE: Use a stop-watch or mobile device to count, if any of the 18 second cycles are skewed, the process must be restarted.

After the 4th set of 18 second power on, power off the switch then back on and now the bulb will be reset.

NOTE: The Power On can anywhere from 17-20 seconds. 18 seconds only a suggestion.

5) Open HomeBrite app, enter a PIN and confirm it. It can be the same or different PIN; the bulb, memory has been erased.

Written by Feit Electric
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