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The camera is off-line

  •  There could be a temporary issue with your internet connection (e.g., service disruption). Please try again in a few minutes.
  •  Make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned On.
  • The camera may not have power to it, make sure the wall switch and breaker are in the On position.
  •  Cycle the power Off and On. You will hear an audible tone and the status LED should blink red then to a solid blue in about 1 minute. If it does not turn blue after a minute, please go through the setup process again to reconnect to your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Make sure the camera is getting a good signal from your Wi-Fi router. Use your phone to check range, it is recommended to have at least 2 signal bars showing for proper connection.
  •  The camera may have been disconnected from your Wi-Fi network, press and hold Reset Button until you see a blinking blue LED and hear an audible tone.
Written by Feit Electric
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