Why Do Only Four out of the Five Bulbs Work on my Fixture?

Either the bulb or the socket is dead or defective. Try the light bulb in another socket to see if it works. If the light bulb does not work in another working socket, then the bulb is defective. If the bulbs work in another socket, then the socket within that fixture is bad.

What is this Humming Noise Coming from the Bulb?

Humming noise can be a result of incompatible dimmer (please check out our dimmer compatibility list) or an issue/defect with the light bulb.

If Light is Cracked Can I Still Use it?

Cracked lights are signs of damage and is it best to exchange the product where they were purchased. LED bulbs will most likely work with a crack, while other bulbs such as fluorescents, halogens and incandescent bulbs will not.

What’s the Difference Between Wet Vs Damp Locations?

Bulbs rated for wet locations are essentially weatherproof so they can be used in just about any application outdoors.

Bulbs rated for damp locations can be used outdoors but must have protection from the elements, they cannot be used in exposed fixtures or they will fail due to too much moisture.

Can My Bulb Be Used with a Dimmer?

We carry both dimmable and non-dimmable light bulbs. Please view our Dimmer Compatibility list for compatible dimmers by model number. If you have an existing Feit Electric product and don’t know the bulb model number, please reference the packaging or look at the base/neck of the bulb where it should be listed.

Are CFL and LED Bulbs Recyclable?

Yes, most major home centers will have recycling bins for CFL and LED bulbs.

Why Does the Packaging State, “Don’t Look Directly into the Light”?

It may have the same damaging effects at looking directly into the sun. It could blur and potential harm your vision.

What is Feit Electric’s Warranty Policy?

Feit Electric offers warranties if the product fails or a customer is not satisfied with its performance.  The warranty period depends on the product category.

For specific warranty information please check the product packaging.  Or please contact us at info@feit.com or call 1-866-326-BULBs and our customer service team can assist you with any questions or concerns.

What Should I Do if I Have a Defective Light Bulb?

We’re sorry if you’ve encountered a problem with one of our lighting products; we strive to deliver the highest quality products available.

For the quickest and most effective service, please check with your retailer where it was purchased, who may be able to provide you with an immediate solution depending on their return policies.

If you have a problem that prevents you from returning the product to the retailer, please contact us at info@feit.com or call 1-866-326-BULBs and our customer service team can assist you.

Can I Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in Damp Environments?

Yes! Always read the packaging of the CFL to be sure of its proper application, but there are a wide variety of ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs that are designed for use in most fixtures in your home, including recessed cans, outdoor lights, and track lighting. Use our Advanced Product Search to find CFLs with the features you want.

Do LEDs Create Heat?

LED bulbs do generate some heat, but less heat than other technologies.  When handling any bulb, you should use caution and turn off the bulb before handling to ensure it cools down and keep safety in mind.

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