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Smart WiFi Bulbs - General

What does it mean if my bulb is status is “offline” or the bulb is flashing?

A power outage or router service interruption disconnected the bulb from the network. Follow instructions in your user manual to reconnect.

Can I turn the bulb on or off with a light switch?

Using wall switches to turn off the bulb is not recommended, as it may cause compatibility issues or reset the bulb to factory settings.

Why can’t my bulb change color?

In the Feit electric app, on the color picker screen make sure the saturation slider at the bottom is set to 100%. NOTE: On some older phone models, you may need to scroll down on the screen to find to the saturation.

Can I use the app to report an issue?

In your Feit Electric app, from the main menu select Profile > Feedback > Add New > Others.

What happens to the bulb if the power goes out?

A power outage disconnects the bulb from the wireless network. Follow instructions in your user manual to reconnect.

How do I reset the bulb?

To reset your bulb, turn it on for one second and off for one second, three consecutive times. When the bulb flashes rapidly, it is ready for setup.

Are the bulbs HomeKit Compatible?

Feit Electric Smart WiFi bulbs are not HomeKit compatible. You can find our line of Apple HomeKit compatible bulbs here.

What time zone do the bulbs configure to?

Our Wi-Fi bulbs use the time zone of your router during initial installation. If you should travel to a different time zone, you can either adjust your bulb schedules to the time change, or reset the bulb to connect to the network in the new time zone.

How do I share bulb control with other users?

Simply share your login information to the Feit Electric app, and the other party will be able to use the bulb. Multiple users can be logged in to the app at the same time.

Can I use the bulbs in ceiling fans?

We do not recommend using these bulbs in ceiling fans that contain dimmers or remote control access.

Can I use the bulbs with smart switches / plugs?

As the device has smart technology already built in, using smart switches or plugs is not recommended as they may cause incompatibility issues.

Can I move the bulbs to a different location?

You can move Smart WiFi bulbs anywhere in range of your router.

Can I set up a wake-up timer?

This feature is not available in the Feit Electric app, but you can set it up using “routines” in the Alexa or Google apps.

Can these bulbs be used outdoors?

The bulbs are damp rated, meaning they can be used outside as long as they’re protected against severe weather and water contact. Keep in mind that the bulb also has to be within range of the router at all times.

What types of devices can control the bulb?

On iOS 9.3.3 and higher, and Android OS 4.4.5 and higher.

I’m having trouble controlling the bulbs with Alexa / Google

Verify that the bulb still responds to commands through the Feit Electric app. If it does, the issue is with Alexa or Google.  If you are having troubles connecting the bulbs to Google or Alexa please reference this guide.

Is this IFTTT compatible?

At this time, we do not support IFTTT, but we are considering adding the feature for our next generation of smart lights!

Can I use this Smart WiFi bulb on a dimmer?

No, the smart WiFi bulb has a built-in dimmer.

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