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Can LEDs Bulbs Be Used with a Clapper Device?

No. However, we do carry other lighting products that can be operated hands-fre

Why is There is a Film on my Shop Light and or LED Tubes?

The film is used to protect the product during shipping/handling, please remove before using product.

Does your Product Cause Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)?

It is possible, although our product does meet the FCC standards regarding RFI.

Do LED Light Bulbs Generate Heat?

Yes, but considerably less heat than other technologies.  When handling any bulb, you should use caution and turn off the bulb before handling to ensure it cools down and keep safety in mind.

Why do Your LED’s Cause Interference on My TV/radio?

Your TV or radio may be too close to the light / light fixture. If possible, please try moving light away from TV or radio.

Can Your LED’s be Used in an Enclosed Fixture?

Yes, as long as the fixture does not have a rubber gasket. LED bulbs need ventilation and a rubber gasket would prevent proper ventilation.

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