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Smart WiFi Bulbs - Router / WiFi Connectivity

How secure are the bulbs from hackers or malicious attacks?

All Feit Electric smart products adhere to the same rigorous security standards as other wireless devices.

How do I retrieve the IP address of the bulb?

Once the bulb is connected to the network, in your Feit Electric app bulb screen tap the menu (three dots) icon on the upper right of the screen, and select on the next screen “Device Info.”

How far can I place these bulbs from the router?

The maximum distance depends on your router’s capabilities. Please consult your router user manual for specifications.

Why can’t my bulbs connect to the WiFi network?

First, make sure the bulb is operating on the 2.4ghz WiFi frequency (in some cases you may need to set up a dedicated guest network on this frequency). If your bulb is already on the right frequency, perform a hard reset and re-connect to the network.

How many bulbs can my router handle?

The maximum device limit will depend on your router’s capabilities. On average, you can control up to 20 bulbs on the same router network.

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