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RoboGenesis Designs a Solution to Phantom Power

What is phantom power? Phantom power, otherwise known as idle current, is the power your devices waste when they are not in use or turned on. It silently lurks in the background and goes unnoticed until it’s time to pay

Living Room decor lighting

5 Interior Design Upgrades for Any Budget

We spend a lot of time in our homes, more so now that many are working from home. The more time we spend looking at the same four walls, the more important it is to make that space fit with

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

The weather is getting cold, autumn leaves are turning red and yellow, and the distinct smell of pumpkin spice seems to follow you everywhere you go. This is always a sure sign that the fall season is just around the

Best Tips to Prepare for Back to School

With summer nearing the end and back-to-school season just around the corner, many students are prepping for the new school year. We know saying goodbye to summer is a bittersweet moment¬ — especially those late-night hangouts and morning sleep-ins. But

4 Fourth of July Lighting Setups That Will Kick Up Your Celebration

Fourth Of July is all about vibrance and celebrating the smart way! It’s the time the nation celebrates freedom, a good time with friends and family, and fun summer activities. All this comes with fireworks shows which may involve risk.

Smart Automations to Get Ready for BBQ Season

Scenes and Automations, What’s the Difference? Scenes and automations combine conditional statements with tasks (if THIS, then THAT). For example, a scene is a series of actions that happen when you manually tap a saved scene in the Feit Electric

How to Grow Like A Pro with LED Grow Lights

So, you decided to plant an indoor garden. Now what? Starting an indoor garden is easy and keeping it alive is easier with the help of LED grow lights. Indoor gardening is the perfect hobby for all experience levels, and

Tips to Help You Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is officially here, which means your body is probably confused. You lose and hour of sleep, mornings are darker, and evenings are brighter. It takes a while to get used to a new routine so we came

man and woman setting table

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas to Celebrate at Home

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to think about the perfect way to express your love to your significant other. Like the past couple of years, many couples will opt for a safer Valentine’s date

New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 and How to Achieve Them

The arrival of the new year brings fresh opportunities to embrace what’s possible and set new goals for the coming year. Many of us are revisiting our priorities and focusing on more meaningful resolutions this year like living a sustainable

9 Best Holiday Gift Ideas of 2021

Get the perfect gifts for everyone on your nice list. It’s officially December which means it’s time to search for the best holiday gift ideas for everyone on your nice list. Lucky for you, we have eliminated any stress you’ll

Four Thanksgiving Lighting Ideas to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means you’re most likely thinking about the best Thanksgiving recipes to serve your guests. You probably have also thought about Thanksgiving decorations for your home. But have you given much thought to your lighting? Setting

Easy Halloween Decor

7 Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

DIY outdoor Halloween decorations are easy with Feit Electric LED light bulbs, strip lights, plugs and sensors.  ‘Tis the season to be spooky so make sure you have everything you need to bring a delightful Halloween experience to your home.

Power Out Doesn’t Mean Lights Out

Emergency preparedness supplies such as Feit Electric flashlights, work lights, and battery backup bulb help keep your family safe during emergencies where the lights go out.   Feit Electric handheld work lights, flashlights, and battery backup bulb are essential for

Easy Fall Decor Ideas, DIY Fall Decor

2 Easy and Inexpensive Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

 DIY Autumn decorating ideas with vintage lighting and Fairy String Lights that help bring the Fall experience indoors. If you’ve been wondering when to start decorating for the fall season, the answer is, now. As the weather gets chilly and

Back to School Essentials

Best Back to School Supplies

It’s time for back to school shopping including the best LED bulbs to fit desk lamps, floor lamps, and more. But, how do you know which light to buy? To make shopping easier, we’ve gathered the best back to school

Make the Most Out of Your Backyard this Summer

Warm weather, more time outdoors, good company, delicious food. All things to look forward to as we approach grilling season. So, how do you make the most out of your backyard party this summer? Follow these easy and helpful tips

Best Father’s Day Lighting and Home Security Gifts for Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have gathered the best Father’s Day home lighting and security gift ideas for all types of dads. From the do-It-yourself dad to the green thumb enthusiast or the outdoorsy type, to the chef,

5 Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

Creating an inviting outdoor space this summer is easy with our exterior lighting ideas. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, our six easy and low-cost summer outdoor lighting ideas are fit for any space needing a

Grow Lighting

Grow Lights Bring the Sunshine Indoors

Want delicious tomatoes in the dead of winter?  Award-winning violets?  Fresh garden herbs or medicinal plants all year long?  Grow lights make it possible to cultivate healthy plants any time of year in any climate without using pesticides.  Even during

#LifeBulbs for Healthcare Supports Nation’s Front Line Heroes

They’re the heroes on the front lines – risking their lives for ours. The nation’s healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to triage, test and treat victims of COVID-19 in every city, county, and state across the nation.   Looking for

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COVID-19 Update

On behalf of everyone at Feit Electric, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19 and we hope you and your family are safe and well.  As an essential business, we are working diligently to keep our channel

Alexa Google Home Smart Bulb Green Color
Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Smart WiFi Light Bulbs – Voice Control Using Google or Alexa

These videos describe how to connect Google or Alexa voice assistants to the Feit Electric smart WiFi light bulbs. How to Connect to Google for Voice Control   How to Connect to Alexa for Voice Control  

Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Smart WiFi Light Bulbs – Using the Mobile App

Here’s some helpful videos on how to use the Feit Electric Mobile App. How to Use Groups   How to Use Effects   How to Install the App  

Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Smart WiFi Light Bulbs – Installing the Bulbs and App

Here’s some helpful videos to help with installing the smart WiFi light bulbs and the Feit Electric mobile app. How to Connect to WiFi   How to Install the Bulbs and Use the App   How to Reset the Bulbs


Bulb Terrarium

Innovation is finding new uses for everyday objects! Create your own terrarium with one of our bulbs today! What you need: FEIT Electric Globe Bulb, pliers, gloves, long tweezers, eye protection, moss, pebbles, plants of your choice 1. Remove black/silver

Light bulb technology - LED, CFL, incandescent
Lighing 101

Light Bulb Life Expectancy – Which Bulb is Right for You?

Some light bulbs will last you decades and some are only good for a few months or years. To find the best value for you, it’s important to balance the price of the light bulb with its lifespan. Generally, high

Lighting 101

How to Pick the Right Brightness Level for your LED Bulb

The keyword here is lumens. This is the standard measure of brightness for a bulb. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb will be. For years, we used to rely on a bulbs wattage to understand a bulb’s brightness, but

Lighting 101

The Real Cost of a Light Bulb

There are two costs to a consumer with every light bulb: 1. The price you pay for the bulb at the store 2. The price you pay for its use (electric bill) Over the life of a bulb, the cost


Vintage Mason Jar DIY

Take a mason jar and a beautiful vintage inspired LED glass filament light bulb and create a beautiful pendant light.  Here’s an easy DIY even for those that don’t DIY!

Lighting 101

How to Choose the Right Light Temperature for your Bulb or Fixture

Light appearance is measured in temperature using the Kelvin scale.   Unlike the weather outdoors lower color temperatures (2700K) indicate ‘warmer’ colors of orange and yellow, and higher color temperatures (6500K) indicate cooler colors like blue and white. Know Your

Lighting 101

How to Read & Understand a Light Bulb Label

The Lighting Facts label is modeled after the Nutrition Facts label on food packages and mandated by the Federal Trade Commission.  The purpose of the label is to provide shoppers with all the information they need to buy the most

Buying Guides

A Perfect Bulb for the Perfect Fixture

Here are a few bulb suggestions for a few fixtures listed below. Floor or Table Lamp The best bulb suggestion for a lamp is generally a basic closed-A shape. But some floor and table lamps may have more specialized requirements.

Buying Guides

How to Find a Light Bulb Compatible with your Light Fixture

Light Bulb & Light Fixture Compatibility Buying light bulbs used to be easy. When your 60-watt incandescent burnt out, you just went to the store and bought another 60-watt bulb. So Many Light Bulb Choices Today, we have more choices

Lighting 101

Decoding Bulbs Shapes and Sizes

Light bulbs and lighting lamps are usually described by shape, length, diameter, and screw type designation. Bulbs are also defined by a code number consisting of a letter or letters followed by a number. The letter indicates the shape of

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