4 Fourth of July Lighting Setups

Kick Up Your Celebration with these tips

4 Fourth of July Lighting Setups That Will Kick Up Your Celebration

Fourth Of July is all about vibrance and celebrating the smart way! It’s the time the nation celebrates freedom, a good time with friends and family, and fun summer activities. All this comes with fireworks shows which may involve risk. So, to help you stay safe, here’s how to celebrate fourth of July at home using lights while keeping the same patriotic energy as fireworks.

When it comes to putting on a show with our smart lights, the possibilities are endless, but we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. These tips create a fun, patriotic way to get in the holiday spirit from the comfort of your home.

Create your own red, white, blue light show outdoors

If you’re having guests over for a Fourth of July themed grilling session, you’ll need to transform your backyard. Hang Smart Wi-Fi String Lights along your fence and add Smart Wi-Fi Strip Lights on the edges of your wall. Start out with lighting that sets a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to give your guests time to chat and eat. Then, standby for a red, white, and blue light show by having your string and strip lights go into Patriotic Mode after sunset.

How to create a relaxing ambiance outdoors with String Lights:

  1. Open the Feit Electric app
  2. Tap Smart Scenes > + on the top right of your screen
  3. Tap Sunrise/Sunset > Sunset/Sunrise > Sunset > Save > Next
  4. Tap Run the device > String Lights > Switch > ON > Save
  5. Tap White Light > Save > Next
  6. Rename your automation to Backyard Lights > OK > Save


How to create a fourth of July light show with Smart Wi-Fi String and Strip Lights:

  1. Open the Feit Electric app
  2. Tap and hold String Lights > Effects > Patriotic > Back
  3. Tap and hold Strip Light > Effects > Patriotic > Return


Bring the Fireworks Inside (figuratively) 

They might not exactly be fireworks, but our Smart Wi-Fi Filament Bulbs’ vibrant hues are just as impressive! Surprise your guests with colors when they walk indoors by adding Smart Wi-Fi Filament Bulbs to your indoor lamps or chandelier. Not only are they pretty to look at when they’re off, they fill your home with bright patriotic hues to keep the party going.

How to create a patriotic light effect with Smart Wi-Fi Filament Bulbs

  1. Open the Feit Electric app
  2. Tap Effects
  3. Choose red, light blue, and blue on the color wheel
  4. Tap Save

Helpful tip: You can control multiple filament bulbs at once by creating a group in the Feit Electric app. See How Do I Create, Manage or Delete Groups for more help.


Create a more immersive experience and make your guests part of the show by pairing your Smart Wi-Fi Sensors and having them trigger your Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs when they walk by.

How to create an automation with lights and smart motion sensor:

  1. Open the Feit Electric app
  2. Tap Smart Scenes > Automation
  3. Tap + on the top right of your screen
  4. Tap When device status changes > Motion Status > Motion Detected
  5. Tap Run the device > tap light bulb One > Switch > ON > Save
  6. Tap Color > Choose red from the color wheel > Save > Next
  7. Tap the + next to Then > Tap Run the device > tap light bulb Two > Switch > ON > Save
  8. Tap White Light > Choose White Light close to 5000K from the slider bar > Save > Next
  9. Tap the + next to Then > Tap Run the device > tap light bulb Three > Switch > ON > Save
  10. Tap Color > Choose blue from the color wheel > Save > Next
  11. Rename your automation to Fourth of July > Ok > Save

Helpful tip: Place your Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs outdoors for a similar effect anytime the motion sensor detects motion.

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