Lindsay’s Pick

I’m Lindsay builder, YouTuber, and creator of the blog Wood Brain. I love making magic with my hands and teaching people how to build, and create artistically! I always have projects on the brain, and I enjoy turning reclaimed wood into unique handcrafted products.


I currently own my childhood home and have DIYed it and updated it with all the latest home gadgets and tools. I recently renovated the old woodshed in our backyard, turning it into the ultimate workshop. I am a total tool lover, so I outfitted the shed-shop with a laser engraver, CNC machine, vinyl cutting machine, and a few other fun toys. Wood has always been my go-to medium for art, furniture, and custom projects, so I love having the ultimate creation lab shed-shop to create, make a mess, design, and build in! 


When I’m not making a mess in the shop, I love taking our two dogs on walks, going for bike rides, and heading to the desert.

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