A19_BUG_LED_bulb A19100_BUG_LED

100-Watt Equivalent A19 LED Yellow Bug Light



Shoo away annoying bugs and insects with advanced LED technology with this 100-watt equivalent LED bug light bulb. Ideal for outdoor use, it produces a yellow light that most flying insects and bugs cannot see, keeping backyard and gardens free of unwanted pests. This dimmable bulb replaces a 100-watt incandescent bulb while using only 8.8 watts - and up to 91% less energy. Each bulb is rated to last 15,000 hours / 13 years, is RoHS compliant and are 100% mercury free. Choose a dependable bug light for your residential or commercial applications.


  • Ideal for outdoor areas were people gather
  • Helps keep the area bug and insect free without the use of any chemicals or unwanted smells
  • Shines with a yellow light that doesn't attract bugs
  • Lasts up to 13.7 years or 15,000 hours



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