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100-Watt Equivalent R20 Pool & Spa LED

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Make your pool stylish and secure with Feit Electric R20/965/965CA/LED-12 energy efficient LED pool and spa light. The 12-volt R20 bulb puts out a bright 920 lumens of 6500K blue-enriched daylight ideal for pools and spas. LED technology uses only 10.2 watts - saving up to 90% in energy costs over an equivalent 300 watt incandescent. Choose a reliable Feit Electric LED pool and spa light for your residential or commercial applications.



  • Provides a distinctive blue glow to pools and spas
  • Bulb Shape: R20
  • Usage: Pools and Spas
  • Uses up to 90% less energy
  • Long life reduces the inconvenience of replacing bulbs so often



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