GLP12ADJS_VM13.5WLED_100521 GLP12ADJS_VM13.5WLED_102821

12 in. Vertical Mount Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


Grow stronger and more resilient plants with the Feit Electric GLP12ADJS/VM13.5WLED adjustable full spectrum LED grow light. This 22 PAR/PPF 1200 lumen grow light can either be installed as a hanging fixture or flush mounted. Its modular design allows expansion of up to sixteen more fixtures by snapping them together end to end or side by side for a larger canopy and increased PAR value. Increase growth efficiency at every stage of the plants life cycle with 3 adjustable color spectrums. The blue spectrum is encouraged for the vegetative stages when the structure of the plant is defining itself, the red spectrum is recommended for use in flowering or fruiting stages of growth and the 5000k White light allows for easy viewing of your grow allowing you to monitor any growth or changes. Each lightweight fixture comes with a 5 ft. plugin cord, a 6 in. connection cable and a hanging wire harness. Choose a dependable energy efficient LED grow light that lasts up to 25,000 hours with little heat output saving you the hassle of installing cooling into your grow space and saving your plants from burn damage.


  • Use as a plant, hydroponic or horticulture grow light
  • Combine white, blue and red spectrum colors to focus on seeding, flowering, or plant growth
  • Operates cooler than HPS lamps to guard against leaf burn and crop damage
  • Save energy and money with innovative LED lighting
  • Damp Location Rated



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