17 in. Black Finish Tabletop LED Grow Light



Grow better, stronger plants even without a garden, with the Feit Electric GLP17/B/TABLE/14WLED tabletop grow light. Small enough to fit on any desk or table, this stylish black finish lamp helps household herbs and flowers thrive and flourish. Use it in your home or office where plants might need extra light. Switch between 3 spectrums depending on the growth stages of your plant. The Blue light spectrum is essential for seedlings and young plants developing through their vegetation stages and the Red light spectrum is most effective for the stretching of leaves and flowers later on in the growth cycle. The White Spectrum can be used to allow visibility of the plants in a comfortable spectrum to our eyes while also sharpening and energizing the contrast of colors in your garden with its pure 6500k Daylight. This grow light is damp-rated for indoor use. Integrated LEDs consume just 14 watts of energy and last 25,000 hours, delivering reliable, nourishing light. Choose a stylish, dependable grow lighting fixture for your indoor plants.


  • Energy efficient and compact, fitting on almost any flat surface
  • Choose from Seeding, Vegetation or Flowering spectrum modes
  • Operates cooler than HPS lamps to guard against leaf burn and crop damage
  • Save energy and money with innovative LED lighting
  • Damp Location Rated



Feit Electric

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