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175-Watt ED28 Shape Clear Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge E39 Mogul Base HID



The Feit Electric 175-Watt E39 (Mogul) Base 4200K Metal Halide HID lamp light is an ED28 shape for your industrial, retail high or low bays, and parking lots. It replaces traditional metal halide bulb that produces a light output of 14,700 Lumens and using 175-Watt of electricity. Feit Electric 175W Metal Halide HID light bulbs last up to 10,000 hours and are RoHS/FCC compliant. Feit Electric C15000/5K/LED/HDRP Corn Cob LED bulb is also available as an HID bulb replacement option. Energy-efficient LED technology puts out high lumens while saving energy. The lifetime of the LED bulb is rated up to 25,000 hours. Replace it with the LED bulb and start saving money on electric bills and maintenance today.


  • ED28 shape light bulb with E39 mogul base
  • Brightness: 14700 Lumens
  • Light appearance: 4200K (cool white)
  • Energy used: 175-Watt



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