20 in. Premium Tabletop LED Grow Light 20 in. Premium Tabletop LED Grow Light GLP20_TABLE_37W_LED_052220 Feit Electric hydroponic light optimal height Feit Electric grow light optimal height
20 in. Premium Tabletop LED Grow Light

20 in. Premium Tabletop LED Grow Light



Grow better, stronger plants with the Feit Electric GLP20/TABLE/37W/LED portable tabletop grow light. Rated for high humidity, this plant light is ideal for soil or hydroponic gardens, assisting all phases of indoor plant growth. Variable color spectrum modes can support plant vegetative growth, seeding or flowering, and a built-in timer can automatically keep 8, 12, or 16 hour light cycles. Integrated energy-efficient LEDs are rated to last 25,000 hours and generate little heat, saving crops from burn damage. Choose a no humming, dependable grow lighting fixture for your hydroponic needs.


  • Grow plants or seeds, in soil or with Peat Jiffy-7 pellets and soil
  • Versatile design with top hole tray, soil tray and easy-to-fill water basin with level indicator
  • Telescoping arm extends from 13.6 to 20.4 inches to optimize PPFD
  • Touch Control Interface to provide On/Off, Growth Mode & Timer Functions
  • Timers for 8, 12, and 16-hour modes, plus an always-on option
  • Vegetation, Seeding and Flowering color spectrum modes



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