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24 Inch 19 Watt Selectable Spectrum LED Grow Light



Flex your green thumb and outgrow your expectations with better and stronger growth with the Feit Electric Adjustable 3 Spectrum Dual LED Grow Light Fixture. Switch between the Red and Blue Spectrums for seedlings through vegetative stage (blue) or through stretching / flowering phase (red) and the White Spectrum allows for comfortable viewing with a high CRI light making the colors and tones of your crop radiate with boosted photogenic vibrance. These adjustable fixtures are lightweight and linkable up to 5 units and produce no heat reducing the risk of drying out the top of your harvest. These fixtures are rated for an average lifespan of 25000 hours and 22.8 years with a Damp safety location rating. The GLP24ADJS/19W/LED can be mounted flush with the ceiling or suspended with the included 6 inch wire allowing greater light coverage of an area with the ability to adjust the distance from the light to the top of your canopy.


  • Choose between Blue, Red, White or combinations of depending on your gardens needs
  • Combine white, blue and red spectrum colors to focus on seeding, flowering, or plant growth
  • Emits spectrum wavelengths and color for superior photosynthetic response
  • Operates cooler than HPS lamps to guard against leaf burn and crop damage
  • Linkable up to 5 fixtures


  • Energy Used:
  • Life Hours:
  • Life Years:
  • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost:
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