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2.7W (25W Equivalent) Daylight (5000K) A15 Dimmable White Glass Enhance Light Bulb



Enjoy classic style combined with modern reliability and energy savings, with the Feit Electric Enhance LED light bulbs. Featuring our highest quality energy-efficient light, this beautiful high-performance bulb has a high (CRI) of 90+ for colors that appear more vivid and natural. It emits 250 lumens of bright 5000K Daylight light. Combining innovative LED technology with filament strips, this bulb provides the benefit of LEDs with the look of a traditional bulb. Filament LEDs are rated to last 15,000 hours/ 13.7 years and use 89.2% less energy than equivalent 25-watt incandescent bulbs, saving you money and time replacing bulbs. The versatile A15 LED is fully dimmable and suitable for a variety of general-purpose lighting applications, including use in refrigerators and other home appliances.


  • Durable, low heat, long life LED that features full range dimming
  • Daylight color temperature emits energizing cool light
  • Ideal use for refrigerators, ranges, and other appliance lighting
  • Highest quality energy efficient light compliant with California Title 20 energy efficiency standards
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $0.33 (based on 3-hour/day, 11/kWh, costs depend on rates and use)
  • Uses up to 89.2% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb



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