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25-Watt Equivalent MR11 Warm White LED

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Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the Feit Electric BPMR11/LED reflector LED light Bulb. This MR11 bulb runs on 12 volt circuits and outputs 250 lumens of 3000K Warm White light using up to 84% less energy than an equivalent incandescent. LED technology is rated to last 25,000 hours / 22.8 years. Choose a dependable 12 Volt track lighting bulb for residential or commercial applications.



  • Directional light for outdoor, track or recessed applications
  • Warm White glow makes any area of the home cozy and inviting
  • LED technology uses considerably less power compared to equivalent incandescent lights
  • Long life reduces the inconvenience of replacing bulbs



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