25 Wh Rechargeable Battery 4 ft. Motion Sensing Shop Light 25 Wh Rechargeable Battery 4 ft. Motion Sensing Shop Light
25 Wh Rechargeable Battery 4 ft. Motion Sensing Shop Light

4 ft. 25 Wh Rechargeable Battery Motion Sensing Shop Light



The Feit Electric SHOP4/840/25/MOT/BAT 4 ft. rechargeable battery LED Shop Light comes fully assembled and provides added function to any residential or commercial area. High-efficiency LEDs output 1000 lumens of light using only 7.5 watts. An integrated 25Wh battery keeps the lights on for up to 3 hours when not connected to power. Built-in motion sensors automatically turn the shop light on when motion is detected, adding to energy savings and convenience. The ultra-lightweight fixture can be installed with the included two magnetic mounting brackets (for quick removal and recharging) or flush mounted using screws. Choose a no-humming, battery-powered utility light for garages, workshops, sheds, studios, or anywhere you need more light. 4000K Cool White light provides the perfect balance of warm and cool color temperatures for task lighting and working on projects.


  • Plug-in or battery power options, a simple way to add extra illumination to garages, basements workspaces and more
  • 3 hours battery runtime, with 3 hours to full recharge
  • 4000K Cool White light ideal for workspaces and task lighting
  • Turn on / off with a pull chain, or with integrated motion sensor with automatic shut-off after one minute of activity
  • Magnetic or flush mount options



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