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25W Equivalent T10 Dimmable Amber Glass Vintage Large Spiral Filament Warm White LED



Add a vintage touch to your home or business with the 25-Watt Equivalent Warm White (2000K) T10L Dimmable Spiral Filament LED Vintage Style Large Amber Glass Light Bulb from Feit Electric. The bulb features a classic filament design for an old-fashioned appearance that evokes the feel of an original old fashioned-style bulb. Its extra warm white (2100K) color with a warm light glow is perfect for clear shade lamps or exposed-bulb lighting applications. This light bulb is dimmable, helping you enhance the mood of a room by adjusting the brightness. Return to retro with this oversized vintage light bulb that can be the highlight of any room or accent existing décor without the need for an additional pendant or shade.


  • T10 shape light bulb with medium (E26) base
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $0.54 (based on 3-hour/day, 11/kWh, costs depend on rates and use)
  • Life: 13.7-years (based on 3-hour/day)
  • Light appearance: 2100K (warm white)


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