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2200K Incandescent Vintage ST15 Amber

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Add a vintage touch to your home or business with the 60 Watt S15 Vintage Incandescent Light Bulb. This bulb features a classic filament design for an old-fashioned appearance that evokes the feel of an original old fashioned-style bulb. The Extra Soft White 2200K Vintage Style Incandescent Bulb with a soft light amber glow is perfect for lanterns or exposed-bulb lighting applications. This light bulb is dimmable, helping you alter the mood of a room by adjusting the lighting.



  • Vintage lighting style creates a high-end hotel or restaurant vibe
  • Dial it up, dial it down to set the mood with fully dimmable customizable lighting
  • Add an elegant, historic touch to any fixture
  • Energy efficient LED technology uses considerably less power compared to incandescent lights


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