T1248_865_LEDG2_2_040522 T1248_865_LEDG2_2_040522

4 ft. 20W (40W Equivalent) Daylight Deluxe White (6500K) G13 Base (T12 Replacement) LED Linear Tube (2-Pack)

SKU: T1248/865/LEDG2/2


Feit Electric’s 20-watt (40-watt Equivalent) Direct Replacement (Type A) Non-Dimmable Linear LED Tubes are a plug-and-play replacement for F40T12 or T12 fluorescent and LED tubes. They work with most existing ballasts for quick and easy installation, with no rewiring necessary. Each Linear LED light produces 1800 lumens, emitting the same light output level as fluorescent bulbs while using 50% less energy. These cool 6500K Daylight Deluxe White lights allow you to see objects in finer detail and create a vibrant mood for both residential and commercial spaces. Use them in closets, retail spaces, gyms, convenience stores, hospitals, or high-energy environments. T1248/865/LEDG2/2 lights turn on instantly, offering flicker-free full illumination with no warmup time compared to fluorescent tubes. They are mercury-free, with a shatter-resistant coating for safe and easy disposal. Each high-quality bulb offers accurate color rendering, for more vibrant, true-to-life colors. Lower heat emission extends the life of the tube and ends do not turn black or burn with age. The estimated energy cost is only $2.41 per year. Switch to Type A LED linear lights for your space and get up to 35,000 hours of superior light. That's 32 years based on 3 hours of daily use.


  • Works with most magnetic or electronic ballasts, no rewiring is required
  • Shatter-resistant and mercury-free, no special disposal is required
  • Flicker-free, instant ON illumination at full brightness
  • LED technology offers more lumens per watt, saving 50% energy over fluorescents and costing only $2.41/year
  • Damp location rated



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