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4 ft. 4000 Lumens Shop Light

SKU: SHOP/4/4000/840


The Feit Electric SHOP/4/4000/840 LED utility light comes fully assembled and provides added brightness to any residential or commercial area. Perfect for either hanging or flush mount installation, this fixture outputs 4,000 lumens of 5000K Daylight color temperature light while using only 52 watts. Lightweight and low profile design includes a 5 ft. plug-in cord and two 6-inch hanging wire harnesses. Link up multiple units for more flexible coverage. Choose a no humming general purpose task lighting fixture for residential or commercial applications.


  • Easy plug in ultra-lightweight design
  • Simple way to add extra illumination to garages, basements, workspaces and more
  • Maintenance free design with no bulbs to replace
  • Cool white vibrant light ideal for work spaces and task lighting



Feit Electric