5.5W (60W Equivalent) Daylight White (5000K) B10 Candelabra (E12 Base) Dimmable Flame Tip Exposed White Filament Chandelier LED Bulb (4-Pack)



Upgrade your lighting to Feit Electric’s elegant Exposed White Filament LED Light Bulbs for a fresh, modern take on vintage bulbs. These first-of-their-kind white filament bulbs take a traditional flame tip bulb with exposed filament encased in clear glass and add lower-profile white filaments. Unlike yellow filaments, these blend in while standing out, for a timeless look that complements any room. They give off a 5000K Daylight White glow ideal for craft rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, utility rooms, and anywhere you desire invigorating light. Their bluish-white light is perfect for reading, working on intricate projects, and seeing fine details. These dimmable bulbs fit in any E12 Candelabra base such as chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, and more. With a 90+ CRI, these bulbs make colors appear more vivid and true-to-life. The BPCFC60950CAWFIL/4 emits 500 lumens while only using 5.5 watts of electricity, up to 90.8% less energy than equivalent 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Get up to 15,000 hours/13.7 years of use (based on 3 hours per day use) with an estimated annual energy cost of only $0.66. Create a stylish minimalistic feel that instantly livens up the décor of any home or commercial space.


  • Exposed white filament blends modern and vintage aesthetic for maximum versatility
  • High 90+ CRI bulbs bring out more natural skin tones and vibrant, true-to-life colors
  • 500-lumen LED light lasts up to 15,000 hrs./13.6 years, with an annual energy cost of only $0.66 (based on 3hrs/day avg. use)
  • Dimmable Daylight White 5000K light illuminates fine details with invigorating cool light
  • Flicker-free, instant-on illumination at full brightness



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