KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Feit Electric 5-Watt T5 Incandescent Exit Light Bulb

13 Watt Incandescent S8 Bayonet Bulb (2 Pack)



The Feit Electric 13 Watt S8 Bayonet Bulb is the perfect replacement bulb for Car Domes,  Appliances, Exit signs or other applications. The 2 Pin Bayonet style base is designed to make installation a breeze with its twist and lock design. The BP93/HDRP (2 pack) puts out 188 Lumens  and a soft white 2700k Glow and is rated to last up to 700 hours with an estimated annual cost of $1.57 and is dimmable.


  • Dimmable S8 "Twist And Lock" light bulb
  • 2 Pin Bayonet Style Base Perfect For Car Domes, Signs and Appliances
  • 2700K Soft White Glow
  • 12 Volt 13 Watt S8 Bayonet Bulbs (2Pack)
  • Rated For 700 Hours Life Span / .6 Years



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