OM60_BUG_950_LEDI_bulb OM60_BUG_950_LEDI_pack (1)

60 Watt Equivalent A19 Color Selectable LED Bug Light



Shoo away annoying bugs and insects and still keep your backyard well lit with this color bug light bulb from Feit Electric. Use a standard light switch to go between a yellow light that most flying insects cannot see, or a regular 5000K Daylight color temperature light. This bug light provides up to 800 lumens of light while using less energy than an equivalent 60-watt incandescent. Each bulb is rated to 15,000 hours / 13 years, is RoHS compliant and 100% mercury free.


  • Choose a yellow light that doesn't attract bugs or an energizing 5000K Daylight color
  • Select lighting mode with the flip of a light switch
  • Shines with a yellow light that doesn't attract bugs
  • Ideal for outdoor areas were people gather
  • Helps keep the area bug free without harsh chemicals or unpleasant smells



Feit Electric