60-Watt Equivalent Color Selectable A19 Timer Intellibub OM602CCTCA_TIMERLEDI_021621 Battery Backup Video
60-Watt Equivalent Color Selectable A19 Timer Intellibub

60-Watt Equivalent Color Selectable A19 Timer Intellibub



Now there is a hands-free way to turn the lights on and off, with the Feit Electric OM602CCTCA/TIMERLEDI Intellibulb with a built-in timer. Use the switch on the bulb to pre-program automatic turn-on and shutoff after a time period. Choose 2, 6, 8 or 12 hour intervals - the LED+ Timer bulb gives you scheduled light at the exact time day and for the length of time you need it. Simply select your preferred interval and flip the wall switch at the exact time of day you want the bulb to turn on. The bulb will shut off automatically after your selected interval and repeat the cycle every 24 hours as long as you leave it connected to power. Choose from a Soft White 2700K glow for a relaxing mood or a 5000K Daylight color temperature to energize mornings and illuminate fine details.


  • Turns on and off automatically the same time each day
  • Scheduling is as easy as setting a switch on the bulb
  • Select Soft White 2700K or Daylight 5000K color temperatures
  • 90+ high CRI makes colors more realistic and vibrant
  • Rated for 15,000 hours of service life



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