BTOM60830LEDI_bulb BTOM60830LEDI_pack

60-Watt Equivalent A19 Light Bulb With Speaker



Keep your home well-lit and musical with the Feit Electric BTOM60830LEDI speaker light bulb from Feit Electric. This unique bulb combines integrated LEDs emitting 750 lumens of 3000K Warm White light with a Bluetooth speaker that easily connect to your favorite device up to 30 ft. away. Pair a second bulb for stereo sound: the bulbs automatically set up a left and right channel for a more immersive experience. Set up is simple: the bulbs connect directly through bluetooth without the need for additional wiring or hubs.


  • Innovative combination of light bulb and bluetooth speaker
  • Easily connects to your favorite device to play sound or music
  • Warm White glow makes any space appear cozy and inviting
  • Versatile bulb suitable for a variety of fixtures and lighting applications



Feit Electric