ST1960_CL_VG_LED_bulb3 ST1960_CL_VG_LED_040921 ST19-Clear

60-Watt Equivalent ST19 2100K Warm White Cage Filament LED



Combine the vintage glass filament lighting look and feel with the advantages of modern LED technology with this stylish light bulb from Feit Electric. Energy efficient LEDs replace a 60-watt incandescent, producing a vintage warm 2100K glow that gives the home a cozy feel. A stylish ST19 shape with vertical filament strips wrapped in clear glass housing is ideal for decorative lighting fixtures and will enhance the décor of any room.


  • Adds a touch of elegance to chandeliers or wall sconces
  • Glass filament design attracts attention even when the bulb is off
  • Dial it up, dial it down to set the mood with fully dimmable customizable lighting
  • Warm amber glow makes any room cozy and inviting


Feit Electric