Incandescent 65 watt BR 30 reflector 65br_fl_130_pack
Incandescent 65 watt BR 30 reflector

65 Watt Incandescent BR40

SKU: 65BR/FL-130


Highlight a beautiful painting or sculpture, illuminate a landscape, accent an area or add outdoor security with Feit Electric reflector light bulbs. This 65 watt incandescent BR40 flood light is designed for 130 volt circuits, giving it protection against voltage surges and a longer service life. Choose a dependable Feit Electric flood light bulb for your home or business.


  • Flood light bulb ideal for track or recessed lighting
  • Soft white glow makes any area cozy and inviting
  • Traditional. low-cost lighting option
  • 130 volt capability protects against voltage surges for long life



Feit Electric