PAR38_BLB_LED_040522 PAR38_BLB_LED_040522 PAR38_BLB_LED_24_Display

6W Black Light PAR38 E26 Base LED Blacklight Bulb (24-Pack)



The party never has to end with Feit Electric Black Light LED Bulbs. Get the same blueish-purple glow-in-the-dark light for Halloween parties, birthday parties, raves, nightclubs, and DJ sets, while saving on energy costs compared to traditional fluorescent lights. The PAR38/BLB/LED blacklight turns on instantly, offering flicker-free full illumination. It doesn't need any warmup time, is RoHS compliant, and is 100% mercury-free. The estimated energy cost is only $0.72 per year. This long-lasting LED bulb shines up to 11,000 hours for years of glowing fun. Switch to LED blacklights and kick up your celebration with glowing decorations, clothing, accessories, body paint, posters, and artwork.


  • Blue-purple look that appears to make things glow in the dark
  • Low heat emitting
  • Energy Efficient LED Black Light Bulbs cost an estimated $0.72/year with 3 hrs. daily use
  • 11,000 average life hours/10 years
  • E26 base fits medium household fixtures



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