BP7C7_827_LED_4_bulb BP7C7_827_LED_4_pack

7W equivalent 2700K LED Night Light

SKU: BP7C7/827/LED/4


Swap out your old incandescent night light bulbs with new energy efficient LEDs by Feit Electric. These C7 night light replacement bulbs produce 30 lumens of 2700K soft white glow using only 0.6 watts - up to 91% less than equivalent incandescents. LED technology provides an average life of 15,000 hours, or over 13 years. Keep your indoors safe and secure indoors with Feit Electric night light bulbs.


  • Upgrade older night lights to the latest energy saving LED technology
  • Soft White glow makes any space appear cozy and inviting
  • Energy efficient LED technology uses considerably less power compared to equivalent incandescent lights
  • Long life reduces the hassle of replacing bulbs so often


Feit Electric