8 ft. T8/T12 6500K Dual Mode Linear LED Tube 8 ft. T8/T12 6500K Dual Mode Linear LED Tube Feit Electric closet tube lights LED linear lights in office LED Linear Tube Type Breakdown 5_8
8 ft. T8/T12 6500K Dual Mode Linear LED Tube

8ft. 43W (59W Equivalent) Daylight Deluxe White (6500K) FA8 Base (T8 and T12 Replacement) Direct Replacement and Ballast Bypass (Type AB) Linear LED Tube

SKU: T96/865/AB/LED


Feit Electric’s 43-watt (59 -watt equivalent) Daylight Deluxe White Direct Replacement or Ballast Bypass (Type AB) Non-Dimmable LED Lamp replaces either T8 (Type A) or T8 and T12 (Type B) fluorescent and LED tubes. Install these versatile lights in two ways: plug and play direct replacement using the existing ballast with no rewiring necessary, or direct wire installation bypassing the ballast. Bypassing the ballast for efficient operation and less maintenance over time. These 5200-lumen LED lights use 27.1% less energy than equivalent fluorescents. Bluish white 6500K Daylight Deluxe White lights allow you to see objects in finer detail and create a vibrant mood for both residential and commercial spaces. Use them in closets to see every wardrobe detail. They are ideal for retail stores, gyms, convenience stores, and hospitals, and high-traffic locations where customers and employees need to feel alert or focused. T96/865/AB/LED lights offer flicker-free instant-on illumination with no warm-up time. They are mercury-free and shatter-resistant, for easy disposal. Lower heat emission extends the life of the tube and prevents lamp ends from blackening. The estimated energy cost is only $5.18 per year. Switch to Type AB LED linear lights for your space and get up to 50,000 hours of superior light. That's 45.7 years with 3 hours of daily use.


  • Two installation options: plug and play direct replacement or ballast bypass
  • Shatter-resistant and mercury-free, no special disposal is required
  • Flicker-free, instant ON illumination at full brightness
  • 6500K Daylight Deluxe White, superior light quality with accurate color rendering (CRI: 80)
  • LED technology offers more lumens per watt, saving 27.1% energy over fluorescents and costing only $5.18/year



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