BPOM60DM_950CA_GU24_bulb BPOM60DM_950CA_GU24_pack

800 Lumen 5000K Dimmable LED



Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology plus crisp and clear colors with the Feit Electric BPOM60DM/950CA/GU24 light bulb. This dimmable GU24 base light produces 800 lumens of 5000K Daylight illumination using just 8.8 watts - up to 85% less than an equivalent 60 watt incandescent bulb. A 90+ color rendering index makes colors more vibrant and skin tones more natural, all while saving energy and lasting for a decade or more. Choose a dependable Energy Star qualified lighting bulb for residential or commercial applications.


  • 90+ high CRI color rendering light bulbs allow colors to appear more realistic and vibrant
  • Dial it up, dial it down to set the mood with fully dimmable customizable lighting
  • Long life bulbs are rated to provide up to 25,000 hours of reliable light
  • California 20 and 24 compliant
  • Energy Star Approved



Feit Electric