LEDR56JBX_6WYCA_downlight LEDR56JBX_6WYCA_pack 5/6 in. Color Selectable Integrated J-box Recessed Downlight Print Print 2_downlight_Installation is Easy Before Install Feit Electric Recessed Downlights Kitchen Living Room Recessed Lighting

5/6 in. Color Selectable Integrated J-Box Recessed Downlight

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Convert your old recessed downlights to advanced LED energy-saving technology with the LEDR56JBX/6WYCA color-selectable 5/6-inch recessed downlight from Feit Electric. This light features an integrated J-Box and built-in trim for installation directly into finished ceilings without recessed cans. A dimmable edge-lit design produces 800 lumens using only 12 watts - up to 84% less energy than an equivalent 75-watt incandescent. Preset your preferred color temperature on the fixture or adjust after install with a toggle of a standard wall switch. A 90+ CRI light makes colors vibrant and skin tones look more natural, all while saving energy and lasting for a decade or more.



  • Upgrades old recessed lighting to energy-efficient LEDs
  • High 90+ CRI light allows colors to appear realistic and vibrant
  • Preset color temperature or adjust after install. Get warm, cool or daylight with a flip of a switch
  • Dimmable design lets you create the right environment in any room
  • Energy Star and California Title 24 certified light bulb



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