950 Lumen 4-pin Color Selectable Horizontal PL Lamp PL18AB_H_CCT_LED_111020
950 Lumen 4-pin Color Selectable Horizontal PL Lamp

950 Lumen 4-pin Color Selectable Horizontal PL Lamp



Upgrade your existing fluorescent fixture to LED technology with the Feit Electric PL18AB/H/CCT/LED dual-mode bulbs. Designed with a 4-pin base, these horizontal lamps easily replace existing downlight fluorescents, while providing longer lasting and more energy-efficient light. Use the switch on the bulb to choose between 2700K Soft White, 3500K Neutral White and 4000K Cool White color temperatures. Versatile installation allows both plug and play replacement or operation without a ballast after basic rewiring of the fixture.


  • Flexible installation options allow either direct plug & play with existing ballast or simple rewiring
  • Choose between Soft White, Neutral White or Cool White with the toggle of a switch
  • Universal 4-pin base compatible with multiple fluorescent bases
  • LED technology uses considerably less power compared to equivalent incandescent lights



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