Feit Electric G40 LED pendant bulb G40100_927CA_FIL_041521
Feit Electric G40 LED pendant bulb

100-Watt Equivalent G40 Soft White Glass Filament Dimmable Original Vintage LED

SKU: G40100/927CA/FIL


Combine timeless elegance with modern technology with the Feit Electric G40100/927CA/FIL LED filament pendant bulb. This oversize dimmable globe produces 1000 lumens of 2700 Soft White light while using 11 watts of electricity - saving up to 89% in energy costs over an equivalent 100 watt bulb. A stylish glass orb design with exposed filament instantly livens up the décor of any room. A 90+ CRI makes colors vibrant and skin tones look more natural, all while saving energy and lasting for a decade or more. Choose a dependable decorative LED bulb to brighten your home.


  • Combines the latest in LED technology with a timeless, traditional look
  • Soft White glow makes any space cozy and inviting
  • Dial it up, dial it down to set the mood with fully dimmable customizable lighting
  • Add dramatic vintage style with classic filament lighting normally only found in high end restaurants or hotels
  • High 90+ CRI light allows colors to appear realistic and vibrant



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